Bethel IT was formed in the year 2010 out of the desire to offer clients quality in both online and offline IT solutions.

Clients are always looking for quality solution providers, and out of this desire from our growing portfolio of clients; Bethel IT was formed. Organizations are  always in the search for quality information technology solutions and innovations  to automate critical functions. We offer homegrown software solutions to the market that is ripe for IT solutions. The founders of Bethel IT saw this opportunity and seized it.

Since its inception, our strategy has been to develop cutting edge products in the field of Information and Technology that can be leveraged across the enterprise. Bethel IT is a simple IT consultancy firm offering  world class solutions  with proven technical skills grounded in the best of bred industry standards. Just as we are passionate in offering quality solutions and services, our excellence is seen around the quality of our solutions, purposeful business growth, and loyal customer relationships.